About Us

Every city is different, and each individual within, a unique story to tell.


Who are these voices, these stories?

They are those of the foreign and the unknown.

We hope to show you a different side of what you usually see.

The struggles. The love. The pain. The achievements, past or present.

Perhaps you will find shared experiences, emotions, or struggles.

They are colorful individuals, like you.

This is the story of VancYOUver.



The Creators:

Wendy Li 

Hey I’m Wendy. I am an attentive listener and an avid reader with a deep-rooted hunger for stories. Besides spending most of my youth reading harry potter under bed covers, I love creating my own fantasy lands and dropping dreams into ink. VancYOUver is one of those dreams. It embodies my hope that we (myself included), instead of regarding the deprived as burden to society, can step in their shoes, fasten the shoelaces, and see a perspective that’s a little different. If for me, every story recounted is an adventure, VancYOUver must be the greatest journey. It signifies more nights snuggled under the haven of bed blankets. This time instead of devouring a story in a book, I am transcribing the stories of those around us, while unconsciously transforming myself.


Esther Kim

Hey, my name’s Esther. The meaning of my name is “Star”, like the stars in the night sky. Ever since I was little, I developed a certain love for “light”, whether that be waking up at five in the morning to see the sun rise or being a devoted admirer of christmas lights. Similarly, I want to live up to the meaning of my name and become a source of light, guidance, and hopefully even inspiration. And I intend to do this through VancYOUver. By hearing and documenting the captivating stories of the very people in my community, not only is a fire of inspiration started within me, but I can kindle the same spark in others. Come join us, and let your spark become a firework.


Cherry Tang

Hey, it’s Cherry, and yes, it is spelled as C-H-E-R-R-Y. Music is my passion; I specifically listen to Taylor Swift (big fan!!), Coldplay and James Bay. Also, I am a figure skater and an acoustic guitar player. I became part of this project after seeing the famous picture of a Syrian little boy washed up on Turkish shore. It has awoken me to the devastating situation with refugees and reminded me of my own responsibility as a global citizen. I want people to hear about their stories, and essentially I want to raise awareness for those who are struggling with their lives and identities. We want to be the voice of their hushed silence. If you want the inspiration, we’ve got the vision.


Isabella Guo

My name is Isabella. I think it’s so interesting how there are more than 7 billion people in the world, but we only interact with a selected few in our lives. I believe that everyone on this planet, has something to bring to the table. No two people are the same, no two people have crossed the same paths. We all learn something out of life and every little story is inspiring.  I wanted to start this project so I can explore and be more aware of those who are around us, but who we don’t normally pay attention to. I want to hear their stories and share it with everyone, so we can all be inspired.  We all have unique stories to share and I’d love to hear yours!  



Special Thanks To:


Steven Lu

Hi, I’m Steven. I’ve always had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and finding out more about the society I live in. I’m proud to be part of this project and have a small role in sharing these unique stories to the world.

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