I’m from Iran, one of the 7 countries that has been banned by Donald Trump.

I’m a political refugee and a prisoner. I moved to Canada because I couldn’t live in my country anymore. I was against the government in Iran, I was involved in a communist group. However, in Iran, if you go against the government and get arrested for the second time, it can cost you your life. I came here to demonstrate today because the freedom to immigrate and travel is a democratic right for everyone, and what is happening in the USA right now affects everyone, not just Iranians or Americans. I see Trump’s policy as dangerous. For example, I was born into a Muslim family in Iran but I am not Muslim myself. The travel ban on Iran would have affected my immigration despite the fact that I am not a Muslim. There’s no distinction among any of us. We cannot be classified into categories. Therefore, I am here to demonstrate today to show that I will not allow Trump to do whatever he wants to. With his concern for terrorism, it is important to note that the perpetrators of 9/11 were not from the 7 banned countries. They are all from Saudi Arabia. But where is Saudi Arabia’s ban? The problem is that Trump is a big business man. He trades with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan often and therefore will not ban them despite the fact that they are Muslim countries.

I was involved in the Iranian revolution in 1957 when a religious dictator came to power brought capitalism and a religious system into the government. I’m not religious but I defend the Muslim people from this kind of power. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, religion shouldn’t play a part in ruling a country because it causes too much injustice and bias. I remember that nobody was free to talk about their ideas because if they did, they would be shot. It was like a system of monarchy. The Elites had all the power and used all the resources rich in Iran. But many other people in the country were poor and suffering.

Resources exist all around the world but they are only available to the hands of certain people. For example, with the world right now, capitalism is the reason why people are migrating. Like in Syria, or those war-torn countries, the cause of the war is USA and its capitalist system. And now that the USA caused all this war and people are fleeing their countries, they are now framing those people as “terrorists”.

Socialism , the economic system that is not based on profit can solve our problems. It doesn’t matter who the leaders are. The system itself is the most important factor. The economic system driven by profit is to blame.

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