I originate from Egypt and I came to Canada to look for a better life and more opportunities for my kids. We came as immigrants, first to Montreal and now we are settled in BC. There were many challenges that we faced in the beginning. For example, in Montreal we struggled with the French language as well as with the culture. My first impression of Canada was that it was and still is a respected and free country. However, I think Trump definitely has an impact on Canada because his messages find residence with some people in this country and that is very dangerous. Simply put, the travel ban is sad. It is 2017 but people are still sending hate messages, building walls and borders. Such messages and actions enforce racism and advocate for division amongst people. I still have hope however, because during the time I have lived in Canada, I have received enough respect that a racial and cultural stigma does not affect me. Canada is my home. When I return to Egypt for vacations to visit my family I feel homesick.  I have lived in Canada for the past 20 years. I feel that Canada has been able to maintain their free justice status regardless of the diverse backgrounds of citizens and I hope Canada continues to grow on this path and stand firm, not being affected by the negative stigmas propagated by Donald Trump.

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