I came here today, to the border of two great nations to express myself and my solidarity in standing against divisiveness within the population. I am against the current politics that are trying to break people apart, when in reality, we are no different from one another. I was really upset to know that some sixty million Americans genuinely supported President Trump’s message. His messages definitely have an impact on the Canadian society as well. I saw a lot of inflammation of racist and divisive sentiments spreading into Canada. I hope to see a government that respects all people regardless of their background, regardless of their race, religion and gender. I feel that the Muslim Ban that President Trump signed is completely unjust. We cannot blame a small group of religious radicals and use them as representation of the entire Muslim religion. For example, I would never go up to a Christian and say “why aren’t you guys holding responsibility for the KKK’s actions?” This kind of stuff happened before, and hopefully it won’t happen again, but for now we just have to realize that one person does not represent a whole group of people.

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