All I remember is that my ex-husband was working outside fixing something. I went out there to ask if he wanted something to eat, and I passed out. When I woke up I was in the hospital, and they told me that I have aneurysm and short term memory loss. I remember when I woke up I was swearing at everybody. I remember they kept telling me that my kids came to see me, but I kept freaking out and saying I have no kids.

Many years went by, and now I know the truth. I had been doing a lot of drugs, and that’s what was causing all those problems. I had considered giving up drugs many times, because before I used to be able to walk around in high heels and drive everywhere but soon I couldn’t even do those simple actions. So I tried to go to rehabilitation centres, but it sucked. Those places made me do exercises and gave me really lousy coffees. I complained about it, but everybody told me to shut up and go outside. Even thought I still had my kids to help me out, I couldn’t remember them back then. I didn’t want to see any ID or pictures of them; especially my first daughter since she doesn’t have my last name. Often, I told her that she’s not my kid. Honestly, I put my daughter through a lot of hell.It was about a month until my memory came back. One day, my kids and I went out together and something triggered me, and I remembered myself with some kids, but that was it. Even today I can’t remember a lot of things because I have short term memory.

It’s been quite a few years since I first started coming to Semiahmoo House Society’s Acquired Brain Injury Services, but I still always look forward to coming here. Here I can joke around with everybody and everybody is okay with it, unlike at other support services where everybody gets offended really fast. Semiahmoo House Society helped me overcome my struggle, because the people here are the greatest people to talk to. This place feels like a family, a family you can talk to. People here don’t me feel like I’m stupid whenever I have a problem.

My advice to those struggling is to take life day by day and don’t try be who you’re not. Basically, just love yourself for who you are and don’t give up. Take it easy. Don’t expect anything to happen all at once and don’t get frustrated with yourself. It takes time.

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