4 years ago, I approached Louise, the director of development at Semiahmoo House Society, and told her about how I wanted to get more involved. I knew that the recreation and leisure program at this organization was not funded by the government. I knew it needed money and support, and I was really concerned about that.

So I started a fundraiser. With Louise, we created letters that we gave out to people at my church. The people at the church would put their money in the envelope. I raised $300 that way.

Now, I work for Semiahmoo House Society by doing networking. I raise awareness. I talk to people in the community, even in restaurants for example, and tell them about our organization and our programs. I network at events in Surrey, Hazelmere and go to several fundraising events.

It’s fun doing different kinds of things and getting involved. We do fundraisers and we raise a lot of money. I feel so happy when I am doing fundraisers. To be honest, I don’t feel any difficulties working here at the society. I think I’m able to prevent these difficulties because I know the importance of having a good work habit.

Louise says that I’m really good at what I do, but more importantly, I get better at what I do. I improve. I have the ability to develop new abilities. I’m capable of networking and connecting with people. And I really, really connect. I build relationships with people.

We’re making apartments right now, and out of its 71 units, 20 of them will be dedicated to people with disabilities like me. They will be able to have their own place to live. I think apartments like these, reserved specifically for people with disabilities, are important because it brings the community together. It creates a model of inclusion, where people can live in and develop diversity within the community.

I have always been a happy person, but now I have work that really, truly, interests me. And I get the chance to raise awareness and make a difference.

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