After the war, some journalists, because they knew the government made innocent killings and war crimes, came to get some evidence. I helped the journalists who came to Sri Lanka to move around and gather evidence. To get war crime evidence. At that time I got involved because what the government had done was a very bad thing. They killed innocent people. I got fed up with the way the government killed innocent Tamils, the innocent people.

It was a risk but I got a chance to help, because I want the war crimes to be brought to attention. I told the journalists were they should get information and told them to publicize them to foreign countries, to the other nations to let they know what went wrong. I wanted to help the journalists but I also wanted to help the community.

But finally, they caught somebody. I think someone whom I helped got arrested and from his mobile phone they got my number. They came searching for me. Finally I got caught. They couldn’t prove it but they had some suspicion that I helped the journalists. So I knew I was in danger. When they arrested me, I had to give a big amount of money to them, and they continued to want more from me. But even when I gave them the money they would’t leave me alone because they didn’t want people like me to be existing in the country.  So I felt like they were going to kill me. They started to search for my children. So I had to leave my country. I was forced to leave.

I lost everything. I was helpless. In my country I was around middle class, but now I lost everything. Now I started my life again from the beginning. I started working in a different field; because I had to look after my family. I am prepared to do any work. I started to work here and now I’m almost settled down. Not fully, but at least we are able to live here on our own. I am happy we are safe. Safety is very important.

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