First of all, it’s not that women literally have “no rights”, it’s just they have “unequal rights”. For instance, our clothing need be a certain way, and our government is really against education for women, they are doing everything they can to forbid us from education. This impacts families and people because it cultivates the mindset that women are less than men. When I was in my country, of course I was not safe. The fear of men, the fear of family members, and the fear of getting caught by policemen if I was improperly dressed were all factors that made my country unsafe.

I think for me the fact that I had to leave my country in order to live an ordinary life was enough to make me start being active. I don’t want other people to feel the need to leave their country in order to have a life. As for me, I left Iran. It felt like the end, because I could not be happy in my home. If I cannot be happy in my own home, there is nowhere I can be happy. I lost the most important thing a person can lose, who my story is done. I don’t really care about what happens to me next. But for someone else, they might not have faced the end yet. I may have lost my home, but I don’t want that to happen to other people.

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